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Zone Connect [Juugman, Oj Da Juiceman, Yung La] Zaytoven

Attached Files

1584800284wpdm_01 Zaytoven-Talk In Codes (feat. Juugman, OJ Da Juiceman, C. Lacey).mp3
1584800244wpdm_02 Zaytoven-Hard Wit Da Ice (feat. OJ Da Juiceman, Juugman, Yung LA).mp3
1584800238wpdm_03 Zaytoven-Talking $hit (feat. Yung LA).mp3
1584800235wpdm_04 Zaytoven-Trap (feat. OJ Da Juiceman, Tokyo Vanity, Juugman).mp3
1584800231wpdm_05 Zaytoven-Got A Choice (feat. Yung LA, Juugman, OJ Da Juiceman, M.O.E.).mp3
1584800227wpdm_06 Zaytoven-Bopper (feat. M.O.E., Juugman, Yung LA).mp3
1584800223wpdm_07 Zaytoven-U Gotta Stay (feat. Coca Vango, Yung LA, Juugman, OJ Da Juiceman).mp3
1584800220wpdm_08 Zaytoven-Make It Work (feat. Yung LA, Natasha Mosley, Tokyo Vanity, Coca Vango).mp3
1584800215wpdm_09 Zaytoven-Legends (feat. Juugman, Yung LA, OJ Da Juiceman).mp3
1584800188wpdm_10 Zaytoven-Got In On (feat. Yung LA, Juugman, OJ Da Juiceman).mp3
1584800211wpdm_11 Zaytoven-What Now (feat. Coca Vango, Yung LA, Juugman, Tokyo Vanity).mp3

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